Tours in South Africa

South Africa, unique diversity and vastness at the most beautiful end of the world! The country promises to visitors “One world in one country” and that is why one is delighted with South Africa: Breath-taking landscapes, mountains, mountain passes, intact game reserves, remote dream beaches, exciting animal adventures and endless starry skies amidst the outback, unknown odours, culinary joys, vibrant metropolises, great hospitality. South Africa is said to be a melting-pot of cultures and is a country of contrasts par excellence! Where else do tradition and modern life style, wealth and poverty, old rites and new faces lie so close together? Eleven languages are spoken in the “New South Africa” – English is the official language. Apart from Afrikaans (quite similar to Flemish), different local languages are spoken. In alphabetical order: Ndebele, North and South Sotho, Swati, Tsonga, Tswana, Venda, Xhosa, Zulu. The transition to democracy after the elections in 1994 was quite peaceful in the country of about 45 million inhabitants. The borders of the federal states have changed, now there are nine provinces. The people are really helpful and kind and like to get into contact with tourists. South Africa is as three times as big as Germany (about 1.22 million square kilometers) and has a variety of geographical and climate zones – from the semi-desert Karoo to the rich subtropical coast of KwaZulu-Natal, from the picturesque Cape to the “Bushland” in the East of Mpumalanga, the former Transvaal. Discover and experience the great mixture of breath-taking landscapes: the mountains that invites to go hiking, huge game reserves and nature reserves like the Kruger National Park and the Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve, endless remote beaches, modern metropolises and sunshine 365 days per year – because somewhere in South Africa the sun always shines. According to new surveys, Cape Town and South Africa are among the most attractive destinations one should have traveled. Good infrastructure, endless possibilities of activities and ideal temperatures from September to May are further advantages. The country, the South Africans and we will ensure that you experience uncountable inspiring places and new horizons.

Vineyards near Franshoek in the Western Cape Province.

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